Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Names and Patterns

Coyote has always been an appropriate name for me. My good friend has a tendency to say "Silly Coyote, tricking yourself again." I have a lifelong pattern of leaping before I look.

This time it was following along with a deity during trance to do a very heavy duty rite involving demon work. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't stop and notice that perhaps this was not the best moment ...
in my linear timeline to engage in such emotion heavy work. Hell, I didn't even stop to think that it would be emotion heavy work. I was too in the moment.

Now, every time this has happened I have always come out the other side the better for the experience, but I seem to manifest these experiences for myself in extremely painful ways.

The purpose of this posting is twofold. First, when working with close, trusted deity, yes they have your best interest at heart, but they don't quite grok our linear existence. "You're here, I'm here, let's do this thing." They tend not to think about external consequence, so when deity presents you with work, it is still your judgement as to when to do it.

Second, you must know your weaknesses as well as your strengths and hold them without judgement. A warrior rushing to battle needs to know where their armor is at its weakest, but also needs to not keep stabbing themselves there. Shoving our pain into the darkness and covering it over is how complexes get strengthened; how Demons come to life. You must own and love your shadow, because that is still you. That is still God.

Just because we fall does not make us any less worthy. It simply makes us human.

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