Monday, March 7, 2011

Burning Woman

You are the well of burning passion,
The great cyclone of flame.
We are alight in you.
Stoke our will.
Feed our power.

You are the source of all reaction,
The great cosmic star.
We are in awe of you.
Feed our Mother.
Give us life.

You are the heat that warms our bones,
The first tribal light.
We survived with you.
Told our stories.
Filled our bellies.

You are the furnace of our bodies,
The heat in our veins.
We are animated by you.
Our hearts beat.
Our muscles move.

You are the exploding pyre of war,
The anger in our soul.
We are enraged by you.
Our call to fight.
Our drive to kill.

You are the engine of causation,
The chaos of life.
We keep in motion with you.
The will to be.
The will to do.

Burning Woman,
We call to you!
Burning Woman,
Be here now!

Puck D. Coyote 

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