Monday, February 28, 2011

Untitled poem

Traveled down the roots one night
to hunt my Lady Blue
Stalking her from tree to tree
frolicking in the moon

The Lady, she beckoned me close
in lovers sweet embrace
though how sweet was that act
twas not my true purpose in this place

The Amber one, she turned in two
And the pair they led me down
Down away from safety's path
To the temple by the mound

The cloudless sky turned dark just then
A powerful ancient storm
It gathered round that mighty place
For I was to be reborn

The lightning bolts, they struck down
To the circle on the ground
The land itself began to shake
With the arcane power found

The rite itself was secret bound
I dare not mutter here
The things that I was shown that night,
but now I own my fear.

Puck D. Coyote

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