Saturday, June 8, 2013

Will and Faery

I would like to preface this post saying that I am not a member of any OTO or Thelema related body.  My opinion comes from personal reading of the subject, and so I speak from that basis.
Thelema, as I have come to understand it, is very compatible with Faery in general.  My training that led up to initiation was geared toward strengthening and developing my connection to my own God Soul, or my own Holy Guardian Angel.  By opening that communication, by bringing myself into alignment with all my parts, I have tried to seek out my True Will, that which is my Great Work and purpose.  When that communication is made, the communication between the part of the self that is God, and through that God Herself, what external law can override “Do As Thou Wilt?”  When I know my True Will, and I don’t mean ego based desires, nothing can come in between me and my Great Work. 

But how do we know if what we are experiencing is our Great Work?  How do we differentiate between Talker only desire and the communicated goals of our personal Holy Trinity made one? 
Will alone is only half of the Law, only half of the equation that is our shared reality.  Will is the manifest God at work, the Masculine Principle, and I am not referring to a physical gender.  It is Yang, White, Movement, Electric, Kinetic, or whatever term the individual has linked to this aspect of the Divine Twins.  The problem with Will alone is that there must be balance.  In Faery lore we would talk about the Blue God out of the influence of the Goddess, and at those times he is terrible.  He is the embodiment of base desire without consideration for the consequences.  I think we can simply look around at the world around us and see the reality of this story.  The Goddess has been removed from our spirituality, and so corruption reigns.  But fear not!

 The second half of the Sacred Law is Love!  When we are aligned and in communion with our Godsoul, the Love of the Goddess flows through us, side by side with the Will of God.  When I am whole in all my Parts, and the Love and Sacred Compassion fills me so that my Black Heart overflows, the purpose of my Will becomes clear.  Not only am I the embodied Blue God in action of Will, but I am the Love of the Mother, and in this balance of the Twins, in this Sacred Dance I am whole! 

 Do as the REAL YOU Wills!  Love as the REAL YOU Loves! 

I don’t mean to imply that the Talker space we generally inhabit most of the time is a complete illusion, but rather a partial reality.  In order to know the Real You, you have to bring everything into the fold.

 Crowley said that we are witnessing the birth of a new aeon, what he called the Aeon of Horus, but what in a Faery context I would call the Aeon of Melek Taus.  In my lineage, the Melek Taus aspect of the overall godhead that we call the Blue God is the complete balance of the Divine Twins.  This model breaks down slightly when we bring the Goddess into the equation of the Twins, but Faery is paradox, and the totality of one Twin exists at all times within the body of the other.  The Divine Twins are the dance of the holy binary nature of reality in action.  We are entering the age of balance, of Will and Love existing together, bringing out the best of both, and tempering away the negative aspects of either.  Everywhere around us, more and more people are waking up to the spiritual reality that coexists side by side with the physical.  More and more people experience Gnosis within their religion, and when that happens, you realize that the outer forms that we connect to simply speak to a greater spiritual truth that can’t be contained within one religion.  The old Aeon is fighting back, but only because they see the writing on the wall. 

 But an Aeon is much longer than a single lifetime, and we are just seeing the beginning.  We may not get to see the balance in this temporal incarnation, but we are all faces of God Herself, and so as we grow and heal ourselves, we heal the world around us.  Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and this is a spiritual truth.  When we bring balance to our own lives, when we are kala and let our Love and our Light spill out into the world around us, healing happens.

 Today we all have a choice.  Do I want to continue living in the old patriarchal world view?  Do I want to be will out of balance?  Do I want to continue the cycle of damage and trauma that was our birthright?  Or do I want to embrace Love and transcend both matriarchy and patriarchy?  To embody both, to BE Melek Taus, so I can heal myself and those around me.
The choice is ours.

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