Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Lady Below

Whispers sweet like honey,
Caresses in the dark recesses of my mind.
The Goddess Below has chosen
And I answer
I listen

Down into the depths of the Earth
To the Realm of the Fae
To the Land of Magic
To the Underworld
I follow

Her psychic scent stirs me
As she beckons my serpent to rise
Entranced by her beauty
That radiates beyond physicality
I rise

Spirits entwined in our Great Rite
The way to my enlightenment is clear
In our embrace she shows me
For she is my mirror
I fear

My power is more than I knew
As is the case for all
But in this moment she shows me
The Truth of my Being

I AM her consort
I AM her Twin
I AM her lover
I Am Her


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