Monday, February 25, 2013

Lunar reflections

So the day is wrapping up. Night is falling here, the sun well set for many of you. The day was the way it was, good, bad, anywhere inbetween. No matter how it was, it is now over.

How do you unpack your day?

I was pretty tired after mine, feeling all sorts of muck. My own orsplashed my way via aka thread, it really doesn't matter. So I took a shower. I drew a pentacle at the head of the... faucet and ritually washed my body. I washed the muck away. I played close attention to my belly, tuning into Fetch and washing away a days worth of grime attached to my stickiest of Sticky Ones. I opened myself up to the Goddess, I felt her Love.

I would like to report that I feel 100% better, but that would be a lie. But I do feel 75% better, and that's a start. I keep breathing, I keep returning my awareness to center, I'm writing. I continue to care for myself.

That is the challenge. It's easy to find center when you feel good. But if you came to Feri for easy, I'm sorry but you have a fundamental flaw in understanding our tradition.

But it gets easier.

You just keep going, keep breathing. You find a laugh where you can, you feel the love around you. And before you know it you have moved through.

So again, tonight I will breathe. Tonight I will Love.

Tonight, I will be.

I will Be.

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