Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good morning my friends.

Breathe in.

The Love of the Goddess is all around you. It is in the chair you sit on. It is in the words you read. It is in the air around you.

So breathe it in.

One piece of lore we have in our line of Feri is that Melek Taus is our collective Godsouls. I see it going farther than that. We are the microcosm of the Divine Twins made one within the macrocosm that i...
s Him.

Another piece of lore we say, is that Melek Taus is our beautiful Lord of the Painted Fan when tempered under the hand of the Goddess. When out of her presence he is terrible.

I see this played out in the microcosm that is us. Will of the Witch alone is not enough, it leaves us flawed and damaged. We need to be tempered by the Love of the Goddess to reach our full potential.

So again...breathe it in.


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  1. Yes. As Crowley says, "Do all as unto the Beloved." I think of what you say here, "When out of her presence he is terrible." Such a simple, yet profound statement. When I am out of the presence of She who formed me, I am terrible. Yet I so often these days get on without her. Thank you for the reminder that I must once again seek to dwell in her presence moment by moment.