Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Morning Feriland

Good morning world, you sure look beautiful today. Even after needing to restabilize from the time fluctuation phenomenon that happens in the spring where it is still dark when I wake up again, girl, you got it going on.

How are you doing this morning? And by you, this time I am referring to the manifest Goddess and yet paradoxically individual deity wearing a cloak of stardust we call a body. You, reading this right now. How are you?

Did you have pleasant dreams? Less than pleasant ones? Dreams can be a powerful influence to how we start our day. Our Talkers can make judgements about experiences, say "It was 'just' a dream" (although that's a whole other topic), but Fetch can't. That is not part of that soul, it's job is to feel, to BE. Your emotional state right now reading this could be directly influenced by dreams that your Talker might not even remember having.

Now, if you had awesome dreams of making love to your dream lover on the back of a unicorn while riding over a rainbow, you may be feeling great (That is of course unless you have a phobia of unicorns, rainbows or fucking, but if you have a fear of fucking this might not be the page for you). But less pleasant dreams may leave you feeling a bit on the poopy side.

But fear not! You are not helpless to be left to the whims of your subconscious mind! As always, the power to choose your mindset is within you. Not that just thinking "I want to be in a good mood today" will always do the trick. No, most of the time the decision has to include action. You have to decide to do the things that help you feel better. Decide to make the time to sit and breathe, to align your souls, to make kala

Or maybe you can't make that decision today, and that's okay too. Be kind in all things, and mostly to yourself. Have the same compassion to your own pain that you would to a loved one. It might make the decision easier, or it might not. But it will make your day easier.

Let love into your life, not just on the Pearl Pentacle of your relation to others, but in your own souls.

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