Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feri is

Feri is about beauty. It is about the ecstatic creation unravelling all around you. It is about loving the Goddess in everything you do. It is about loving yourself in everything you do. It is about finding your True Self and reveling in the glory that is your True Will.

It is not about egos. It is not about the infighting and drama. Those are human symptoms. We are all human, we all have issues, but Feri is the vehicle in which we can unravel and shed those complexes.

So don't look askance at the Tradition I love because of the human drama that plays out amongst us time and time again.

Look at the beauty of the art we have created, the songs we sing, the jokes we tell. That is where you will find the core of what Feri is.

Feri is.

It just is.

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